Every pet is unique - why should
their furniture
be any different?

Its name reflects its program

petiture stands for „pet“ and „furniture“ and is an unique, high quality solution for your life with a pet. The combination of its nobel design and practical use makes the petiture-sofa an essential accessory for every animal-lover. It doesn’t matter if you are living in a modern loft or an old-fashioned apartment, the customized furniture guarantees that the sofa fits in your home perfectly.

Design as unique as your pet

Every piece is a unique copy and customized to your wishes and needs. You want the sofa to be as colorful as the personality of your dog or as noble and elegant as your cat? You name it - we make it. The straightforwardly and direct communication makes it easy to make all your wishes come true. Our customers are incorporated in every step of the process, so that the outcome is everything you wished for.

What petiture stands for

  • High quality and sustainable materials
  • Sustainable commodity chain - we only work with local companies
  • Combination of noble design and functionality
  • Individual adaption to your home
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Handmade production at it’s best - entirely made in Austria
  • Harmony of your and your animals needs

First there was an idea, which quickly became a whole business. The woman behind the product is architect Ursula Knappl, who is not only the founder of petiture, but also an animal-lover, who knows the needs and wishes of a pet-owner.

When friends asked her for pet-furniture as a wedding-gift, she asked herself, What makes a good, high-quality sofa for animals? A sofa which doesn’t just look good, but is also functional und produced sustainably? The solution is: petiture! Ever since petiture stands for unique, handmade and high quality animal-furniture.

Production: Long lasting partnerships

Are you bored of the same design and cheap converting of animal furniture? We have good news for you: petiture not only makes it possible to customize your cats or dogs furniture, it is also handmade and produced locally in Austria. Sustainability is not just a marketing-gag to us, we try to work with small companies and empower small businesses. All petiture-products are 100% handcrafted and produced in the area of Vienna.

Transparency and fairness are our highest values - not only with our customers, but also with our company’s partners. From the design, to the finishing - we know every producer who is involved in the process personally and are in permanent exchange to guarantee the perfect experience. We are proud to say: We can guaranty best quality and fair conditions for everyone involved.

Design: Only the best is good enough - high quality pays off!

„petiture is a statement for people who adore dogs and cats but also have a sense of modern design.“ Ursula Knappl about the idea behind the design.

petiture-sofas are all made in Austria, near Vienna - with love and the finest materials! But not only viennese cats and dogs are already enjoying the quality and cosiness of the material. Our international customers are proving - the love for pets, individual solutions and classiness is an international language.

The covering of this special furniture is made of durable faux leather and is available in white, cream and chestnut. For the velvet cushions you can choose between classic and fancy colors. The collection ranges from fawn, sandy, ruby, green, orange to apricot, saffron, cyan, lavender and many more.

Every season the colors are changing which will transform this furniture into a real eye catcher in your home. You can change the look of the furniture in minutes. Christmas is around the corner? What about a touch of red? Or do you want to cheer up the room with a bright color - it doesn’t matter if you want to change it based on your daily mood or the season. petiture is flexible and easy to ingrate into your home. But not only the color is important - its all about the quality of the materials.

That’s why only the best quality materials have been chosen:
sofa: spruce and beech wood, imitation leather (urin-resistent and disinfectant-proof) cushion: cotton-velvet

This special „Uranus-faux-leather“ with a special tricot fabric is resistant against urine and disinfectant. It is also resistant against heat and cold, is inflammable according DIN EN1021 and is resistant against UV-radiation and salt water. It is free from poisonous or toxic substance and achieves with a value of 100.000 Martingales an excel- lent firmness against rub off and has also a DIN conform biocompatibility. The material is certified to Eco-Tex Standard 100 - 1st class.

The decision for velvet was made despite its sensitivity but the argument has been the smoothness and the excellent quality of this material. Multiple layers in the mat are preventing from loss of shape and building of wrinkles.


petiture is very easy to assemble. The velvet cushion is equipped with eyelets and can be mounted by putting the backrest on sofa. By screwing on the three feet the backrest will be fixed.


We all know the situation - often a product looks nice but in daily use it proofs to be difficult to handle. That’s why petiture puts the focus on an easy way to clean the furniture,- Let’s be honest, we all know: Where there are animals, there might be some dirt and traces of fur!

You can clean the sofa very efficiently by removing the backrest and the velvet cushion. By taking a damp duster you can easily clean the sofa from all kinds of dirt. To take care of the faux leather there are special cleansing-oils available. In case of a hollow? on the surface of the leather you can use a hairdryer to make the hollow disappear. The velvet-cushion can be changed at any time and is easily cleaned as well. To keep the cotton-velvet-cushion in shape, dry-cleaning is strongly recommended. Traces of fur can be removed with a pet hair roller or with a special brush for velvet.


Love for innovative design comes in all shapes and sizes! Our love to furniture and animals knows no borders, that’s why there are three different sizes available. So your Beagle, Maine Coon, Jack Russel, Siam or Chihuahua can take a well deserved nap on a cozy velvet sofa.

The sofa is available in three sizes:

L – weight: 9,96 kg; measurements: ca. 110x68x35 cm, for middle sized dogs (e.g: Beagle, Spaniel), height at withers: to 50 cm.

M – weight: 7,14 kg; measurements: ca. 90x56x30 cm, for big cats and small/middle sized dogs (e.g.: Jack Russel), height at withers: to 30 cm.

S – weight: 4,92 kg; measurements: ca. 66x56x30 cm for cats and very small dogs (e.g.: Chihuahua), height at withers: up to 30 cm.

Pricing: Passion and quality merges into one product!

8-10 hours - that’s the amount of time it takes until the furniture for your pet is finished. Quality has a price and when it comes to high quality materials and fair trades we don’t want to compromise. Neither do our costumers. We believe that every producer and small business should be payed fairly. Not only to survive next to big companies, but also to acknowledge their expertise and field of activity. We put a lot of work, passion and knowledge into our furniture - this quality makes a difference.

We don’t have standardized prices - as individual and unique our furniture is, as unique are the prices. It depends on the material you decide you want to use, the size of the sofa and where you are situated.

Send us an E-Mail with all your wishes and needs, we are pleased to send you your individual offer within 3 days .

The necessary information is: The size of the sofa, the materials you want to use (take a look here, at our options) and where you live (here is an overview of the shipping-prices).

from €999

petiture stands for a 100% Austrian quality product. Designed to comfort your pet and your taste—take a look into our product-line. We choose outstanding processing and materials. Fair production conditions are top priority! Only the best materials have been chosen for our assortment. Solid-wood, durable faux-leather for the surface and a cosy velvet-cushion consisting of several layers edged by a silk ribbon. petiture is very easy to assemble. The velvet cushion is equipped with eyelets which will be fixed when attaching the backrest on sofa and by screwing the three feet together. No shift – no crumple! Feel free to change the cushion color within a minute and give your room a fresh new style.

To make your pet happy and to meet your requirements petiture is available in three sizes. For middle sized dogs we recommend size “L”. This size is convenient for dogs like “Schnauzer”, Pinscher but also the Beagle. For small dogs who like to have their toys beside them or if two dogs have to share one sofa the big size is recommended. Size “M“ is suitable for dogs like “Jack Russell”, “Cocker Spaniel” and “Spitz”. But not only dogs will enjoy this type of sofa but also bigger cats. The small sofa “S” will be perfect for small dogs like Chihuahua or Yorkshire-Terrier.

It´s real furniture—no plush! petiture harmonizes with your interior design. Classy or fancy— it´s on you! Make your individual color combination.